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Brian Gardner

Brian G on Resident Advisor | Brian G on SoundCloud

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Most people look one in the eye to try to sum up a person’s soul or read emotions. To read Brian, you would be wiser to listen to one of his sets. Brian's range of emotional expression is wide and deep and his sets reflect what he is feeling at that moment. Whether his set is comprised of the jazzy, soulful grooves of content and harmony, or the hard hitting intensity and angst of industrial techno; at the end of the day, to Brian, it's all HOUSE.

People have described Brian as, "a big ball of energy, giving himself over the turntables, as he tries to let the spirit be it". That kind of spiritual energy, focus, and drive has lead Brian to his current position among Chicago's finest. Brian gained knowledge of the underground sound while he worked as a buyer at Chicago Record store staples (Hot Jams, Hip House, WaxADDICT) from 1999-2006. During that time, Brian made many connections that lead to a series of successful residencies and bookings at various Chicago Venues, Lofts, and club nights such as; Mad Bar (Music-101), Boom Boom Room, Darkroom, Smart Bar, ROOTS, Sub-T, I Love House Music Wednesdays, along with many others.

For the past two decades, Brian has consistently performed throughout North America alongside some of the greats for packed crowds in internationally recognized venues. He dipped his hands into the realm of theater in 2000, when he worked with Asylum 137 on a dark theatre production featuring European and Native American clowning. The diverse soundtrack encompassed house, techno, classical opera, and a "cirque du soleil" style of music. Through ownership of Soul Foundation Recordings in Las Vegas, a highly respected collective of artists based in Chicago with a global following, Brian is dedicated to reviving what some would say has “been lost” in house music.

With productions on labels like Farris Wheel Recordings, Minuendo Recordings (Spain), RealDEEP Recordings, Thought Records & remixes on Black Error Recordings (SA) or his own imprint Soul Foundation Recordings, this Disc Jockey/Producer is undoubtedly tied to music as a part of his being. According to him, "Music is the only religion I have; it definitely saved me." Whether Brian is spinning or producing, his sound is unmistakably from the soul...

Brian Gardner Discography

-Behind The Groove "Calling Your Name" (N&B Dub) (Vinyl & Digital) Farris Wheel Recordings 2002

-Barried Garden "Been So Long, Eightsixteen" Barried Garden EP (Vinyl) Thought Records Chicago 2003

-BCBG "Feelin Moved, Libra Rising, So Good, So Blue" MUXICARIA Ep (Digital) RealDEEP Recordings 2009

-Brian Gardner feat Brenda D "I Knew It Was You" Amuse Bouche EP - Vol.1 (Digital) RealDEEP Recordings 2010

-Brian Gardner & Brenda D "So Blue" Chicago Skull EP (Vinyl ) Minuendo Recordings (Spain) 2011

-Brian Gardner feat Brenda D Remix "This World is Just an Illusion" (Digital) Black Error Recordings (South Africa) 2012

-BTMG feat Brenda D "Deep Underground" (Digital) Soul Foundation Recordings 2013

-BTMG feat Brenda D "Time Away" (Digital) Soul Foundation Recordings 2013

-BTMG "Residential, Drive, Taking Control" MikeaLike EP (Digital) Soul Foundation Recordings 2013

-BTMG feat Brenda D "Rush" (Digital) Soul Foundation Recordings 2013

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