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Jevon Jackson

Jevon Jackson on MySpace

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Jevon Jackson has led an impressive and colorful career as a House DJ. Born and raised in Chicago, Jevon has entertained House fans in Chicago in virtually every setting that a DJ may be challenged with, including underground parties, raves, and clubs. His friends and mentors were and still are the leaders on the dance music industry today. Through this, Jevon's name has become synonymous with House Music in Chicago.

He began learning the basics of Djing at quite a young age and by 1984 was spending many sleepless nights dancing and anticipating the DJs next record, a feeling that is crucial to learning to control the dancefloor. Jevon feels that his experience in enjoying House Music through legends such as Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles has made him a true student of the mix.

Jevon Jackson

His enthusiasm of all types of music ranging from Santana, EMPD, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Bob Marley, Massive Attack, and A Tribe Called Quest has made him a believer in House Music in it's truest sense, that House music is an energy that welcomes all styles and influences, as means to the main goal; a dancing floor. Although Jevon spins a set that is recognizably Dance Music, he has an uncanny ability to pleasantly surprise his dancefloor with a song they never thought that they would dance to.

Jevon considers that his professional Djing career began in 1992. This was after 8 years of spinning underground parties. Jevon made his debut in the Chicago club scene through guest spots at the ever-popular Red Dog in 1992. Since that time Jevon has always had a residency in a Chicago nightclub. In late 1995 to 1996 Jevon worked with legendary Derrick Carter and DJ Matty at Smart Bar. A night which was extremely successful and appreciated by the crowd.

In 1996 through to its closing, Jevon worked with a whirlwind of popular DJs in Chicago's largest nightclub, Shelter. Jevon then began in 1997 as a resident at the now legendary Mad Bar. The night began with Jevon spinning with Mel Hammond on 4 turntables, a challenging project, yet highly successful. Currently, Jevon spins regularly for Music 101 events.

Jevon not only wishes for the dance floor to enjoy itself, his artistic creativity and understanding of his dancefloor allows for him to control its movement through his own energy. Jevon's philosophy on Djing stems from a quote by Frankie Knuckles, "If you feel it so do they". In Jevon's own words, "You have to live for it and love it".

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