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Deep Grooves Mastering

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John Simmons - December 2011 Mix

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Todd Mariana

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Todd Mariana wears many hats. He is both Cutting Engineer and Owner of Deep Grooves Mastering, but that's not all. He is also a member of the venerable Chicago DJ group, Soul Foundation (http://soul-foundation.com). As a DJ and producer, he is often hard at work in the recording studio or at various Soul Foundation events, in the DJ booth as well as directing the lighting and visual displays. When not working on music, he performs the web development and website administration duties for the group.

Born and raised in Chicago's outlying suburbs, Todd spends most of his time in the downtown area, where Deep Grooves Mastering is based, working on music with Soul Foundation's Brian Gardner and Brenda D. The trio records as BTMG and in 2011, released the deep house single, "Rush," to critical acclaim. His interests include turntablism, downtempo, and the occasional drum 'n' bass set, but he admits that his love for house music steers him to produce and DJ it much more often.

His alliance with Soul Foundation began in 2008 and since then he has frequently opened for Jevon Jackson and Frique, at events in both Chicago and Detroit. He credits his success to the mentoring and consideration of Jackson and Gardner, though his modesty will often dismiss his impressive computer science and sound engineering background. His capacity for technical skills is clear: After all he learned to DJ with multiple technologies only five years ago. Recently, he taught himself how to cut records as well as produce and mix digital videos for events.

Todd is excited about numerous upcoming projects and events with Soul Foundation colleague, Brian Gardner. The duo is currently working on a vinyl release for the end of the year. Most are efforts produced as BTMG over the past few years, while others are his own studio productions. Vocalist Mike-a-Like is reportedly involved in a few projects.

In his spare time, Todd plans to release a remix with Jevon Jackson and work on some dubstep and glitch offerings as well. His Opcode66 alias will be used for tunes that do not fall under the house music category.

With over 14 years of experience working with MIDI and digital audio, Todd has a truly unique and refined approach to studio work. You can hear this in his studio productions as well as his live performances and DJ sets.

Two years ago Todd and his friend DJ Brian Gardner started working together in the studio under the name BTMG. Together they have created a number of tracks and an hour long Live PA performance that features live vocals by Brenda D.

As a DJ, Todd is drawn to the deep and tech sides of house. His lengthy involvement in producing and arranging tracks really translates into his DJ sets. His understanding of programming and presentation are what really sets him apart from his peers.

Todd Mariana is a member of the legendary Soul Foundation. And, he is a founding member of bodElectric, a group dedicated to bringing memorable underground events back to Chicago.

Looking forward Todd plans to continue to work closely with his friend Brian. He also plans to travel and enjoy life as much as possible!

Todd has now started a vinyl mastering business with Brian. Check out deepgroovesmastering.com for more information on how to get your music on Vinyl!

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